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Welcome to Jennette Properties on-line Bill Express. If you are an owner wishing to make a payment to your owner reserve, please sign in as a guest to the website. Please enter the payment type – owner reserve funds, and click on the pencil next to the box to select your Property Manager. Guests who wish to make a payment for their vacation rental may sign in as a guest and enter the address of your vacation rental as well as your permanent address. Select Add a payment method and enter the required information. Next, please check the box to the right of your bank information to process your payment

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Tenants may sign in as a guest, choose to log in monthly, or choose to enroll in recurring payments so your payment will be automatically deducted each month for the time frame you choose. Once you create a log in, you will see a menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the site, where you are given the option to schedule recurring payments. Payments are not automatically deducted from your account, so please be sure you are processing your payment before the due date.

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Please note you are able to print a confirmation, or write down the confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, you have not completed your payment correctly and no payment will be deducted from your account or reported to Jennette Properties.
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