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Rent payments must be made in full in one single transaction. Rent must be paid before 2 p.m. on the 3rd. PAYMENT MADE AFTER 2 P.M. ON THE 3RD CANNOT BE PAID ONLINE AND IS SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION WITHOUT NOTICE. Payment MUST BE BY CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER delivered to the rental office and must include a $50 Late Fee plus $5 per day after the 3rd. Being locked out of the online banking system does not extend or change payment deadlines or change the late fee policy. As per our policy, if a transaction is NSF or returned for any reason, replacement by either money order or cashier’s check must be brought to the rental office and include any applicable late ($50) and NSF ($50) fees within 24 hours. Please enter account info carefully to avoid returns for incorrect account. In the event of an NSF or returned payment for any reason, all future payments must be by cashier’s check or money order and any attempt to pay online will be cancelled without notice.
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